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Name:Olives Noires 2016: experimental description and preliminary results

Olives Noires 2016: experimental description and preliminary results. Dugelay, Samantha; Reardon, Eric; Furfaro, Thomas C.; Pailhas, Yan; Carreras, Marc. CMRE-MR-2017-001. February 2017.

This document provides an overview of the Olives Noires Mine Countermeasures Experiment 2016 (ONMEX'16) sea trial held from 15 to 28 September 2016 (including transit), in the Bay of Hyères, France. This trial was in support of the Autonomous Naval Mine Countermeasures (ANMCM) Programme. It describes the operational environment, the experiments conducted as well as the data collected.

Overall, ONMEX'16 was a very successful sea trial. The key achievements were:

- Deployment of the MUSCLE system in a blind Percentage Clearance trial (PC Trial) and overall high performance of the autonomy engine and good detection and classification rates.

- Extensive data collection to support the CMRE Autonomous Mine Search project for:

 - Automatic target recognition

- Advanced autonomy concepts on-board MUSCLE

- Advanced autonomy concepts on-board REMUS 100

- In situ planning and evaluation

- International collaboration: University of Girona (ESP), Heriot-Watt University (GBR).


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