Monday, May 21, 2018
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NUWIC 2016 General Information


Multistatics is a timely theme for the 1st NATO Underwater Warfare Interoperability Conference. Many nations are now experimenting with or acquiring bistatic or multistatic capable systems, and an increasing number of industrial solutions are on offer. Systems based on shipboard VDS and TAS, or HMS, and shipboard + MPH, and active sonobuoy based solutions are already available, are in acquisition, or are under development. Ways to integrate submarines into MS networks have also been developed. Multistatic EXTACS have been generated and more are in the process of development.

While Multistatics offers many potential advantages for ASW operations, the successful implementation of MS concepts will require a careful analysis of the mutual interference, messaging and interoperability aspects necessarily associated with MS operations, as well as addressing the proper deployment of the components of MS networks to maximize coverage or other mission metrics. In this conference we envision the following issues to be of general interest:

  • Multistatic messaging and STANAGS
  • Multistatic EXTAC development
  • Possible impact of multistatics on ASW doctrine
  • Multistatic tactical planning and optimisation
  • Integrated MS frigate-MPH operations
  • MS sonobuoy field design and performance
  • Integrating the submarine into MS networks
  • Ping stealing
  • Mutual interference
  • MS environmental impact mitigation
  • Multistatic interoperability in the NATO context
  • Multistatic network coverage gain over traditional multi-monostatic coverage
  • Performance of Doppler sensitive waveforms in MS
  • Performance of high-duty cycle waveforms in MS
  • MS tracking
  • Multistatic information fusion
  • Service-oriented architecture to MS networks
  • Autonomous MS networks
  • Passive cueing of MS networks
  • Multistatic training

The main conference venue can support presentations up to NATO RESTRICTED.  If desired by the community, a limited number of small sessions addressing some of the above topics at a higher classification level may be supported.


The intended audience for all presentations includes government and industry reps; however it is recognized that some material may only be releasable to government only.  Authors should state any releasability restrictions at the end of their abstract.  If there is sufficient demand, those presentations will be grouped into a government only session on the final afternoon of NUWIC.


All presentations for the main conference will be classified NATO RESTRICTED or lower. Presentations at a higher classification levels (NC or NS) will be considered for a special session in a small room (14 persons) should there be sufficient demand. A valid security clearance is required to attend NUWIC 2016. 

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