Sunday, February 19, 2017
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Open solicitations for CMRE procurement.

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IRFP-CMRE-16-010 (Amendment 1) IRFP-CMRE-16-010 (Amendment 1)

Date added: 01/17/2017
Date modified: 01/17/2017
Filesize: 219.7 kB

International Request for Proposals (IRFP) no. CMRE 16-010 for the Provision of Technical Support to NATO Research Vessels Alliance and Leonardo.

  1. International Request for Proposal (IRFP) no. CMRE 16-010 – Amendment no.1  
  2. Technical Statement of Requirements (TSoR v. 13)

Annexes listed in the TSoR are available for download (8.37 MB)

Offers due date: Tuesday 31 Jan 201709.00 hours local.

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