Sunday, September 24, 2017
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NRV Alliance

NRV ALLIANCE conducts underwater research and experiments in all oceans of strategic importance to NATO nations, from the Mediterranean to the polar margins of the North Atlantic. 93 meters long and with 400 square meters of laboratory space, the ALLIANCE facilities include extensive and sophisticated navigation, communications and computer equipment. The design and construction of the ALLIANCE were developed with consideration to one central goal: the reduction of ship-radiated noise.

ALLIANCE enables scientists from the Centre to conduct a wide range of experiments in all the oceans of importance to NATO. Particular care has been taken to minimise the noise generated by the ship in order to reduce interference with the environmental measurements and acoustic experiments which form an important basis for Centre research.

NRV Alliance
The vessel has been designed for eight different noise states, the quietest one operating on batteries. An auxiliary gas turbine generator provides the lowest noise propulsion option, leading up to the full complement of diesel electric generators allowing the vessel to tow twenty tonnes at twelve knots. The gas turbine and diesel electric generators are mounted on individual vibration isolating rafts and enclosed within acoustic booths to reduce hull and airborne noise transmission. ALLIANCE has 400 m2 of open deck working area as well as 370 m2 of enclosed laboratory spaces. There is an additional 500 m3 of scientific storage. The vessel is equipped with an extensive suite of winches and other deck handling gear for deploying and towing systems and instrumentation needed for acoustic and oceanographic research. A sophisticated Windows based integrated navigation system, which utilizes DGPS, includes the ARCS (electronic chart system) and ensures that the ship's position is logged with great precision to provide precise time tagged navigation strings to other fixed vessel sensors such as the Swathe Mapping System and the Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler.

Chartering Services

Like the Coastal Research Vessel LEONARDO, the NATO Research Vessel ALLIANCE is operated by an Italian military crew under an Italian Navy flag. When not engaged in NATO research, the vessel is available for charter to NATO nations and international organisations with NATO nation membership. Throughout its operational service, ALLIANCE has been maintained at a high standard of quality, service, and distinction. This premium underwater acoustic and oceanographic research platform is capable of providing any type of vessel chartering need. While specialized, the Alliance has been used for all types of ocean charters. Alliance charter clients may include military, government, or defence related organizations within the NATO nations. If individual vessel requirements are needed, advising services are available to help with local contractors in the La Spezia area.

Previous charters have included ocean archaeology, historical and environmental investigation, and marine mammal research.


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