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The Interoperability Fest will be held at the NATO STO CMRE La Spezia, Italy, which by car is 40 minutes north of Pisa and 1:30 hr from Florence and 4 hours north of Rome. It is also 1 hour south of Genoa, and 3 hours south of Milan. International flights are available to all these cities.
Here there is the Google Map to reach the NATO STO CMRE.

Driving directions from the airports can be found on website www.viamichelin.com and train timetable at www.trenitalia.it.

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Famous district for Summer and Winter vacations. Lerici is situated at the extreme east of the Riviera Ligure. It is easy to reach either by motorway or railway. It lies at about ten kilometers from both La Spezia, the province capital, and the entrance to the Sestri Levante - Livorno and the Parma mare motorway.

The enchanting landscape, the healthy climate and the clean sea offer a peaceful and enjoyable holiday full of opportunities: sailing, water skiing, motor boating, under - water fishing, golf, tennis, swimming pools, panoramic excursions. 

The scenery is incomparable, from the beaches of San Terenzo, Tellaro and Fiascherino that look on the Gulf of the Poets, to the gardens the woodland hills where the ancient villages of Bagnola, Solaro, Pugliola and la Serra are situated.

Hotels, boarding houses, villas, flats, camping, bathing establishments, free equipped beaches, little harbour, all these ensure a pleasing and entertaining holiday for all visitors. Rich in history and monuments, a goal and refuge for artists and men of culture, an international center for meetings held in the 19 th century Villa Marigola which is the Study Centre for the Bank the Cassa di Risparmio della Spezia. Lerici owes her prosperity to her beautiful geographical position and to her hard working citizens.




The city of Sarzana is situated on the east side of the river Magra, where the main road Cisa meets the Aurelia road. It is in the centre of the territory called Lunigiana and therefore its natural capital city. It's a modern craft, agricultural and touristic centre with a great (huge) artistic property, keeping almost intact its features of a sixteenth-century walled city.

The name of Sarzana appeared for the first time in a diploma of Emperor Ottone I dated 19th May 963, in which he recognized to the Bishop of Luni the possession of the "Castrum Sarzanae", that stands where now there is the Fortress of Sarzanello; this "castrum", castle or, more realisticly a small fortified village, for its strategic position should have the function of controlling the main roads in the valley floor.

Comune di Sarzana website.



cinque terre

Five miles of rocky coast in eastern Liguria, two promontories lie at each extremity, thousands of kilometres of dry walling, cultivated into vineyards, five southerly villages castled up on spurs of stone or disposed in clusters of very small inlets. These are the co-ordinates of the Cinque Terre (Five lands).

Recognized finally as a National Park in 1999 and UNESCO protected territory since 1997 as a system of naturalistic environmental interest. 

This zone is characterized by the presence of precipitous slopes which have been cultivated into vineyards by means of fatiguing system of terracing the only evidence of transformation operated by the laborious human activity on the territory.

The suggestive type of coastal projections on the sea with sheer cliffs that often overtake the verticality alternated with bays, winding paths and enchanting small beaches between cliffs with a profound back drop, a rich variety of ichthyic (fishing) all of which make this district an authentic natural "opera of art".




One of Italy's smallest regions, Liguria stretches west in a narrow ribbon along the coast from France. Mountains separate it from Piedmont to the north, Emilia Romagna to the east and Tuscany to the south. Even if you've never been there, you've probably seen its northeastern border in all those movies where glamorous jet setters hop into their sports cars and motor from Monte Carlo to Rome: the quaint customs booths any foreign film lover knows well are outside Ventimiglia.


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On Vacanze in Versilia you can find information and images relative to the Versilia, to the Tuscany coast, the Tuscany Archipelago,( the Elba, Capraia, Giglio, Montecristo, Giannutri, Gorgona, and Pianosa islands ) the Apuan Alps, the Marble quarries, the Cove of the Wind, the sky resorts Zum Zeri and Abetone, to the Tuscany hinterland, (Massa, Carrara, Lucca, Pietrasanta, Camaiore, La Lunigiana, La Garfagnana,) included obviously the art city Firenze, Pisa, Siena and The country of Pinocchio; it is possible to reserve on line hotel, camping, residence and apartments. In this web site, you can find how much you need in order to understand if these charming localities, are what you are looking for to spend an unforgettable holiday, if this can be your land paradise. By courtesy of Accademia Informatica.





Discover one of the finest regions in Italy: the Apuan Alps within a short distance from the sea, endless beaches, a hinterland rich in visible traces of mediaeval history and the world-wide famous white marble of Carrara. The mildness of the climate all year long makes it possible to enjoy this part of Tuscany in any season. Along the coast of Cinque Terre, of the Gulf of Poets, of Versilia and of the Etruscan coast you can breath a Holiday "air" all the year around. Surrounded by such historical towns as Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Parma, this area offers you the highest concentration of works of art in the world.

Visit also the interesting site Tourism in Tuscany.  Extracted from "The comprehensive guide for holidays in Tuscany" website.