Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the JANUS Interoperability Fest?

A: It’s a pier-side experimental activity where we will all try to achieve interoperability through JANUS. We will host the participants and contribute to different levels of testing of receivers and transmitters, including both “only-software” solutions (running on a PC) or “complete-ones” (software and hardware) to be deployed in water. For the first week, we aim to have everyone exchanging data with everyone else, using JANUS in a more static configuration. For the second week, more advanced testing is expected including mobile nodes, different communication ranges and JANUS plugins, e.g. the AIS service proposed on the JANUS wiki.

The JANUS Interoperability Fest is not a competition, it is us all promoting JANUS-based interoperability.

Q: Who is it for?

A: It’s mainly targeted at industry but not necessarily closed to other institutions like research labs. Depending on the interest we may need to limit the attendance.

The attendees are expected to be developers with autonomy to change code inside the equipment

Q: Anyone can come?

A: We will surely try to accommodate those that have prototype (or production) equipment they want to test with us. The objective is to promote interoperability and actual capabilities so this event is directed mainly at industry.
Given the restrictions of our site and the logistical implications, depending on the number of interested people, we will have to select the participants. Please let us know if you would like to participate. Indicate the name of the company, country of origin and number of people. We recommend one (maximum two) developer(s) per institution.

Q: May I show up just to have a look?

A: CMRE is hosted inside an Italian military base, so we will need to keep the numbers under control We are accepting participation only from those with equipment to test. We may also need to cap the numbers of participants, so please come back to us ASAP if you intend to participate.
Standard security procedures will be applied before and during the event.