The event is designed for military and civilian personnel who seek to extend their expertise on new robotic technology for maritime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (MISR) and environmental characterization. It is also designed for scientists and engineers interested in how this technology can address challenges in current and future naval warfare/s.

The following topics (not limited to) are to be explored in the 6WMAUGT among scientists, industrial, academic and military participants, focusing on underwater gliders regarding:

  1. Integration in naval operations
  2. Exploitation in Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) activities
  3. Exploitation in Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (MISR) activities
  4. Novel payloads and capabilities
  5. Passive acoustic capabilities
  6. TCPED interoperability: Interoperable ways for Tasking gliders and Collecting, Processing, Exploiting and Disseminating data/information
  7. Sustained monitoring, characterization and surveillance of marine regions
  8. Operations in remote and high-risk environments (e.g. high latitudes, A2/AD - Anti-Access/Area-Denial)
  9. Interconnected fleets/networks
  10. Risks and legal aspects