• CMRE Covid-19

    CMRE collaborates to develop new COVID-19 modelling approach

    CMRE is collaborating with researchers at the University of Connecticut (UConn) to develop a new modelling approach to forecast the spread of COVID-19. Read More
  • SAS Award

    CMRE Researchers Receive NATO STO SAS Panel Excellence Award

    CMRE staff members have been recognized for outstanding quality of research for their collaboration in the NATO STO Systems Analysis and Studies (SAS) Panel. Read More
  • UComms 20

    CMRE Receives a STO Scientific Achievement Team Award

    In April, CMRE received a NATO STO Scientific Achievement Team Award for the project Maritime Artificial Intelligence and Information Fusion (MAI2F). Read More
  • UComms 20

    UComms'20 Conference

    The fifth UComms conference call for paper submission portal is now open! Read More
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