The IST-155 Lecture Series will be held at the

NATO Science and Technology Organization
Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation
Viale San Bartolomeo 400
19126 La Spezia
Tel. +39-0187 527 384
Fax. +39-0187 527 344 



How to reach La Spezia by plane

La Spezia, Italy is located by car at:

  • 40 minutes north of Pisa,
  • 1 hour south of Genoa
  • 1:30 hour from Florence,
  • 3 hours south of Milan
  • 4 hours north of Rome.

International flights are available to all these cities:

Pisa Airport is directly connected to Italian Railways (approximate costs: train 9-17 EUR, taxi 120 EUR), while Genova one is not (bus required to Genova Principe station: 1 bus per hour, 6 EUR ticket, 30 min travel time).

Both Genova and Pisa are 1 hour train trip away from La Spezia, and train ticket costs approx. 14 EUR.

Railway in Italy (Trenitalia):

Here there is the Google Map to reach the NATO STO CMRE.

Driving directions from the airports can be found on website and  train timetable at

Highway A-12 (Genova-Livorno), exit at La Spezia.

How to get to Lerici /San Terenzo by public transportation from La Spezia station

Taxi: outside the station. Taxi rank is some 40 meters away. (Approx. fare 25 EUR).

Bus: exit the station, turn right, climb down metal stairs, cross the road and take bus ‘L’ or ‘S’. Ticket approx. 3 EUR. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Lerici.

Bus ticket can be purchased at the tobacco shops ("Tabaccheria", with a T symbol) or newspaper kiosk (both on platform 1 at the station). Zone 03 bus tickets have a cost of 2.50 Euro each.

How to reach CMRE by bus (from Lerici/San Terenzo)

Attendees may use public transportation to reach CMRE, which is approximately 7.6 km from Lerici in the direction of La Spezia. Zone 03 bus tickets, at a cost 2.50 Euro each, can be purchased at tobacco shops ("Tabaccheria", with a T symbol). The approximate cost of a taxi from Lerici to CMRE is 20-30 Euro. For those coming via rental car, a car pass must be obtained at the front gate.

How to reach CMRE by car (from Lerici/San Terenzo)

Follow the SP331 along the coast, towards La Spezia. Do not take the highway (A15). CMRE entrance is "Marina Militare".

ist155 driving lerici

A car pass must be obtained at the front gate.


To access CMRE, please bring two IDs: One to access the base to give at the front gate, and another one to access CMRE building.

Only people with valid security request will be allow to enter the building. Please follow the procedure at point 2 here.

Mobile phones are not permitted in the building (lockers available at the main CMRE gate).