Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the JANUS workshop?

A: It’s a 2-day workshop, open to everyone interested in JANUS.
It’s supposed to be a discussion forum for everything JANUS.
It will take place in November 20-21 in the NH hotel in La Spezia.

Q: What’s the idea? Any particular objectives?

A: JANUS, as an official Standard is in its infancy.
We want JANUS to be alive and evolving with the participation of all. We want to have people actively participating in discussions and helping shape the future of JANUS.
The main objectives are to share experiences and define the way forward for JANUS.

Q: Who is it for?

A: Anyone interested in JANUS can (and should) attend the workshop. If you have interesting applications, ideas or results you are welcome to present them with a short (10-15 mins) brief.

Q: What do I need to make a presentation?

A: Just let us know you have a presentation and send us a title and a small abstract (around 300 words) so we can compose the program. Please inform us of your intention to present ASAP.

Q: UComms, JANUS Workshop, JANUS Interoperability Fest…Why don’t you do it all in one place, in the same period of time?

A: That’s a good question. There was some of thought put into this.

Workshop and Interoperability Fest are being held one after the other to give the opportunity to save travels to those attending the Interoperability Fest.
UComms on the other hand is an academic conference where JANUS and interoperability is one topic amongst many others.
Due to logistic constraints we cannot host an experimental activity around the UComms dates. 

Q: I see there is also an Interoperability Fest. Are both events connected? If I register to one can I attend the other?

A: They are independent events. The workshop is open to all while the interoperability fest is an experimental activity to promote interoperability. It is targeted at industry. The JANUS Workshop happens immediately after the Interoperability Fest for a matter of convenience and so that first impressions can be shared with the community.