Workshop Agenda and List of Participants

The agenda of the workshop and the list of participants are available for download. You may also download the workshop presentations at this page. (presentations are uploaded as soon as they are made available). 


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

08:30 Arrival at CMRE  
09:00 Welcome by director CMRE, Dr Catherine Warner  
09:15 G. Vouros  (UPRC): datAcron - Big Data Analytics for Time Critical Mobility Forecasting: Recent Progress and Research Challenges  
09:40 D. Zissis (University of Aegean, Marine Traffic): Big Data Ocean - Exploiting Oceans of Data for Maritime Applications pdf pdf Download (2.12 MB)
10:05 F. Cazzato (Leonardo): MARISA - Maritime Integrated Surveillance Awareness. How Data Fusion and Big Data can improve Situational Awareness in the Maritime sector  
10:30 Coffee Break  
EU Projects and Policy Making  
11:00 A. Pititto (COGEA srl) and A. Novellino (ETT Spa): EMODnet - The European Marine Observation and Data Network and big data for Blue Growth   pdf Download (3.36 MB)
11:25 G. Mannarini (Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici): Towards an analytics of optimal ship routes based on meteo-oceanographic datasets (AtlantOS)  
11:50 F. Buia (Leonardo): EUCISE 2020 - EUropean test bed for the maritime Common Information Sharing Environment  
12:15 Lunch Break  
13:30   W. Kleynhans (IMIS Global): Big data for Maritime Domain Awareness: An AIS case study   pdf Download (296 KB)
13:50 E. Alevizos and A. Artikis (NCSR Demokritos): A Prototype for Maritime Event Forecasting  
14:10 M. Zocholl, E. Camossi and A-L. Jousselme (CMRE): Test case development for big data solution evaluation  
14:30 C. Iphar and A-L Jousselme (CMRE) and C. Ray  (Naval Academy Research Institute  IRENAV): Data degradation variations for maritime situational indicator prediction assessment   pdf (907 KB) pdf Download  
14:50 Coffee break  
15:30 M. Anneken (Frauenhofer IOSB), F. De Rosa, A-L. Jousselme (CMRE), S. Robert: Modelling Dynamic Bayesian Networks to Identify Suspicious Behaviour  
15:50 F. de Rosa, N. Ben Abdallah, A-L. Jousselme (CMRE) and M. Anneken (Frauenhofer IOSB): Source quality handling in fusion systems: a Bayesian perspective  
16:10 R. F. Pedroso Maia and C. Antunes (Instituto Superior Tecnico): Multivariate temporal data analysis for abnormal vessels behavior detection: exploring different approaches  
16:30 End of day 1  

Thursday, 10 May 2018

 Operational Systems and Research  
09:00 Welcome  
09:10 E. Schwarz, S. Voinov, D. Krause, Olaf Frauenberger  and B. Tings (German Aerospace Center, DLR): Remote Sensing Analysis Framework for Maritime Surveillance Application   pdf (5.45 MB) pdf Download  
09:30 R. Vadaine, N. Maaref, I. Boyer, E. Da Silva (Collecte Localisation Satellites, CLS), R. Fablet (IMT Atlantique), R. Tavernard, C. Tedeschi (Univ. Rennes): Maritime Analytics System: Operational Platform and Ongoing Research  
09:50 B. Garnier (BlueSolutions Consulting) and B. Bender (Ventura Associates): Maritime Big Data Analytics: yes, but what for?   pdf Download (503 KB)
10:10 F. De Rosa and A-L Jousselme (CMRE): A Perspective on Applied Human Factors in Support to the Maritime Big Data challenge  
10:30 Coffee Break  
Analytics for Maritime Applications  
11:00 E. Hachicha Belghith, F. Rioult (Université de Caen Normandie), and M. Bouzidi (Sinay Marine Company): Deep Learning-based Classification for Marine Big Data Analysis  
11:20 M. Gibin, F. Natale, A. Alessandrini, M. Vespe, G. Chato Osio (European Commission Joint Research Centre): Estimating fishing effort using AIS data: an application to the European fishing fleet   pdf Download (6.75 MB)
11:40 F. Frazão, R. Dividino, R. Gosse, I. Hessler, O. Kirsebom, J. Lautof, K. Mortimer, E. de Souza, G. Blades, and S. Matwin (Dalhousie University CA): MERIDIAN is Listening to the Sounds of the Deep Ocean with Deep Learning  
12:00 L. Millefiori and P. Braca (CMRE): Maritime traffic patterns modeling and learning based on the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process  
12:20 Lunch break  
Maritime Data Management and Standardization  
13:30 C. Ray (IRENAV), Q. Bonis, J. Helbert (Telespazio), R. Chastanet (General Secretary for the Sea, France, M. Gariteau, J-J Skolnik, A. Boudraa (IRENAV): Data Mining Services for the EU Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE)   pdf Download (2.37 MB)
13:50 P. Baumann (Jacobs University, rasdaman GmbH): Scalable Spatio-Temporal Analysis through Open Standards: The European Datacube Engine  
14:10 Coffee break  
Analytics and Risk Analysis for Maritime Surveillance  
14:30 E. D’Afflisio, P. Braca, L. Millefiori (CMRE): Detection of stealth deviations from normal routes  
14:50 D. Nguyen (IMT Atlantique), R. Vadaine, G. Hajduch (Collecte Localisation Satellites, CLS), R. Garello , and R. Fablet (IMT Atlantique): A multi-task deep learning model for vessel monitoring using AIS streams  
15:10 C. Iphar (CMRE), C. Ray (IRENAV), and A. Napoli (MINES ParisTech): Multi-domain assessments in AIS falsification cases   pdf Download (4.18 MB)
16:00 Discussion and Wrap up  
16:30 End of Meeting