20120125 GLINT 400

Large amount of data gathered during the GLINT/NGAS11 sea trials let researchers from the NURC (now CMRE) Collaborative Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) programme reaching a significant milestone in the field.

The sea trials, held during the summer 2011, marked in fact the first demonstration of active antisubmarine warfare using a multistatic network of underwater vehicles to successfully detect and track underwater targets.

This is a great improvement in the goal of creating a network of mobile and fixed sensors that work collaboratively to find and track submarines in coastal waters. Using robots for submarine surveillance can be a cost-effective, stealthy alternative to ship-based surveillance techniques.
Both NURC (now CMRE) ships, NATO Research Vessel Alliance and Coastal Research Vessel Leonardo participated in the trials.

To read a general description of the GLINT/NGAS11 sea trial, read the front-page article in the pdf  December issue of The Centre Quarterly (609.12 kB) .