Notification of acceptance of abstracts was delivered on April 20th 2016. Due to strong demand registration to the NUWIC is closed as of 21st April 2016




10-11 May 2016

The NATO Underwater Warfare Interoperability Conference (NUWIC) is designed to bring together technical experts from government and industry to exchange information on emerging technologies and interoperability areas of concern.  Its predecessor, the International Sonobuoy Interoperability Conference (NISIC) was conducted in 14 editions between 1980 and 2011, with the first conference was held in the USA.  The NUWIC is envisioned to be hosted by NATO on a three year cycle with the event being held in various locations around the world.  The NATO Science and Technology Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation is hosting the first edition in La Spezia, Italy.

The objective of NUWIC is to provide an opportunity for technical personnel from NATO nations and other invited governments and industries to hold discussions which focus on underwater warfare related topics; interoperability, standards, processing, new and emerging sensing and platform technologies and other areas of current relevance.   STO-CMRE is very pleased to host the 1st NUWIC and to welcome you to La Spezia, Italy.