The combination of world class ships, extensive facilities and equipment form the core capability that the Centre offers to its customers.

Specialized facilities and equipment for work at sea

Autonomous & Remote measurement/detection systems and devices:

  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) of different design and capabilities
  • Gliders
  • Wave Gliders
  • Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs)
  • Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)
  • Prototype (i.e. research) vertical and special acoustic arrays
  • Wave riders, current meters, meteo stations
  • Beach video monitoring equipment, ADCP
  • Seafloor instrumentation platforms (Barny and SEPTR)

Towed measurement/detection systems & devices:

  • Parametric sonars
  • Programmable Low Frequency Arrays (and special winch)
  • Programmable High Frequencytransmit/receive array
  • Sidescan sonars
  • Synthetic aperture sonars
  • Chirp sub-bottom profiler
  • Boomers
  • Echo Repeater systems
  • Towed sound sources
  • Towed acoustic arrays
  • Towed magnetometers

Non-acoustic arrays (thermistor chain, optical sensors) 
Seafloor core sampling and analysis lab

Data acquisition. communication and processing systems and devices:

  • Satellite ground station
  • Satellite communications systems
  • Real Time Data acquisition systems
  • High performance computing clusters
  • Data fusion centre

Specialised facilities (few in the world):

  • Linear array assembly/disassembly facilities
  • Acoustic calibration facilities
  • Extremely high pressure testing facilities
  • Material properties & tension/fatigue testing facilities
  • Oceanographic instrument (CTD) calibration facilities
  • Seafloor cores analysis lab

Ocean Enqineering facilities:

  • Diving locker
  • Machine and assembly shops
  • Custom cable termination and moulding equipment