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default An alternative derivation of the scattering matrix under Kirchhoff approximation in electromagnetics
default Final memorandum report on the sea tests and demonstration results for the CMRE docking station capability
default Study of passive sensing system on long-endurance - low-power platforms
default Coded modulation development for covert underwater acoustic communications
pdf Automated port traffic statistics: from raw data to visualization ( pdf, 1.58 MB )
pdf Separation of measured noise coherence matrix into Toeplitz and Hankel parts ( pdf, 1.40 MB )
pdf Fostering the use of JANUS in operationally-relevant underwater applications ( pdf, 806 KB )
pdf A distributed ID assignment and topology discovery protocol for underwater acoustic networks ( pdf, 702 KB )
pdf Decision tree-based adaptive modulation for underwater acoustic communications ( pdf, 1.02 MB )
pdf Supporting AUV localisation through next generation underwater acoustic networks: results from the field ( pdf, 1.14 MB )
pdf Adaptive underwater sonar surveys in the presence of strong currents ( pdf, 2.83 MB )
pdf Moving JANUS forward: a look into the future of underwater communications interoperability ( pdf, 1.69 MB )
pdf A data-driven control strategy in synergy with continuous active sonar for littoral underwater surveillance ( pdf, 4.83 MB )
pdf Multi-view SAS image classification using deep learning ( pdf, 7.81 MB )
pdf Distributed information fusion in multistatic sensor networks for underwater surveillance ( pdf, 5.65 MB )
pdf Joint probabilistic data association tracker for extended target tracking applied to X-band marine radar data ( pdf, 3.31 MB )