default Study of passive sensing system on long-endurance - low-power platforms

By In Memorandum Reports

Study of passive sensing system on long-endurance - low-power platforms. Tesei, Alessandra ; Meyer, Florian. CMRE-MR-2016-019. December 2016.

This work addresses a passive sensing system for ASW applications, suitable to be hosted on low-power - long-endurance platforms. Passive acoustic monitoring of a sea area is an important capability for many applications that can range from ISR to ASW. Traditional ways to approach this problem are either massive use of air-controlled LOFAR/DIFAR sonobuoys, deployment of long arrays towed from ships, or use of cabled networks of sparse sensors deployed from shore. In order to reduce the costs and, at the same time, allow portability, flexibility and re-configurability of such a monitoring acoustic system, the exploitation of covert, low-power, long-endurance, smart sensors is particularly appealing. The present study addresses the design of a sensing system based on underwater technologies. Particular emphasis is given to low-power, small-size and light sensor systems that can be hosted on, or towed from, low-power/long-endurance unmanned mobile platforms, such as underwater gliders and WaveGliders.