default Collaborative heterogeneous robotic networks for ASW in collaboration with PARC programme

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Collaborative heterogeneous robotic networks for ASW in collaboration with PARC programme. Ferri, Gabriele; Carrera, Arnau; Morlando, Luca. CMRE-MR-2018-005. November 2018.

This report describes the design of a software simulation framework to facilitate the test of the Cooperative Autonomous Decision Making Engine (CADME) in a complex ASW multiple-vehicle scenario. CADME is being developed at the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) to manage the autonomy of the AUVs of the CMRE ASW network. A cooperation between the PARC and the CASW programmes started in 2018 for this purpose. CADME manages the autonomy of the CMRE network nodes. It is a three layered, hybrid control architecture, capable of managing multi-robot autonomy and it runs in the MOOS robotics middleware environment. At the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), a MOOS simulation environment is currently used to test the embarked autonomy software and the signal processing algorithms. However, in view of increasing the number of intelligent nodes in the network, it becomes mandatory to have more flexibility in the simulation, with the possibility of changing the number and the configuration of nodes/targets and modifying the environmental conditions. Driven by these requirements, the presented simulation framework will be able to run multiple instances of the real embarked autonomy software managing their interactions (i.e. communications), limiting the required computational power. It will allow to change easily the number and configuration of assets/targets, and to modify, also at run-time, the environmental conditions (e.g. influencing the communications and target detection performance). To guarantee the maximum interoperability, the PARC simulation architecture development follows Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP) procedures and uses High Level Architecture (HLA). HLA is a NATO and IEEE standards for communication for distributed simulations. First, the CADME system is described, and then the design of the PARC simulation framework is detailed along with its integration with the CASW autonomy software.