default UComms 2016 overview

By In Memorandum Reports

UComms 2016 overview. Alves, João; Potter, John. CMRE-MR-2017-002. January 2019.

The UComms series of conferences, initiated and run by CMRE, was started in 2012 and has been held every two years since. The previous two conferences have both been very successful, but for the 2016 edition there was an even stronger interest, with more registrants, more papers and more countries represented. The UComms series of conferences have put CMRE on the map at the forefront of underwater communications, leading the community in Europe, while bridging the Atlantic to draw significant North American interest and support. UComms is now internationally recognised as a premier conference and the leading one of its kind in Europe. Strategically, this is valuable for CMRE, raising its international reputation and showing its ability to bring communities together and bridge the Atlantic.