default The CMRE docking station capability

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The CMRE docking station capability. Grati, Alberto; Carta, Alessandro; Grandi, Vittorio. CMRE-MR-2018-001. March 2020.

The work reported in this document is part of the Persistent Autonomous Reconfigurable Capabilities (PARC) work package four (WP4) named "Hard problems in the maritime unmanned system domain" and specifically focuses on the hardware, software and mechanical modifications implemented on the Automatic Launch And Recovery System (AutoLARS) launch and recovery system in order to comply with the PARC WP4 docking station requirements. The objective for WP4 in 2017 is to improve the implementation of the underwater wireless battery recharging system, increase the performance of the docking algorithm in terms of accuracy, repeatability, and 3D guidance capability, and automate some functions that are presently visually performed by the operator. The execution of a dynamic ?port inspection? demonstration scenario in the La Spezia port area, showing persistence and data off-loading as well as re-assessment of system metrics (efficiency, system tolerances, and data link throughput compared to 2016 results), is scheduled by late summer. For this activity, PARC WP4 team collaborates with local companies to implement the required modifications on both the docking station and the vehicle software packages. In addition to a description of the present docking station architecture, this report presents the proposed software and hardware upgrades aimed at extending the automation to cover the functionalities that are currently managed by the operator, namely autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) alignment detection, AUV locking, and battery charger activation, and at improving system robustness, flexibility and interoperability.