default REP(MUS)-19 Cruise Report

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REP(MUS)-19 Cruise Report. Petroccia, Roberto; Pelekanakis, Konstantinos; Paglierani, Pietro; Alves, João; Grati, Alberto; Zappa, Giovanni; Cardeira, Bruno. CMRE-CR-2019-09-REPMUS19. May 2020.

This report describes the work performed during the REP(MUS)-19 sea trial, detailing the deployed equipment, areas of operations, data treatment plan and sequence of operations. Additionally, this report clearly describes CMRE objectives, conducted activities, and the cooperation with Portuguese Navy, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, and Industry (Wartsila ELAC). CMRE’s work during REP(MUS)-19 was focused on novel underwater communications and networking strategies, the usage of STANAG4748 (JANUS) to deliver new services to a dived submarine, and the employment of surface and subsurface unmanned robots to support the search and rescue of a distressed submarine. The preliminary results demonstrate the successful accomplishment of all the planned activities.