pdf Proceedings of the Maritime Situational Awareness Workshop 2019

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Proceedings of the Maritime Situational Awareness Workshop 2019. Jousselme, Anne-Laure; Braca, Paolo; Millefiori, Leonardo; De Rosa, Francesca; Zocholl, Maximilian; Uney, Murat; Iphar, ClĂ©ment; Gaglione, Domenico; Soldi, Giovanni; Forti, Nicola; D'Afflisio, Enrica. CMRE-CP-2020-001.  January 2021.

The Maritime Situational Awareness Workshop (MSAW) was held 08 - 10 October 2019 in Lerici, La Spezia (Italy). CMRE organized this workshop with the objective of fostering the crossfertilization of ideas from scientific and military domains, toward the design and implementation of future solutions tailored to Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) operational needs. Centred on the theme of Science and technology meet operational need, the call for papers was distributed amongst the international MSA community during the early months of 2019. In response, CMRE received 48 submissions and several contributions from the European Commission (EC) funded MSA projects. The workshop brought together about 170 participants from 23 countries including scientists, engineers, researchers from scientific communities with national and international authorities, end users and operators, and industrial representatives. Overall the audience was composed of 14% academia, 39% applied research institutes, 31% industry and 16% operational community. This document contains the proceedings of the MSAW'19 papers accepted for presentation. The MSAW'19 was co-sponsored by the EC project RANGER (Radars Long Distance Maritime Surveillance and SAR Operations) and NATO Allied Command Transformation as part of the CMRE Data Knowledge Operational Effectiveness programme.