default NC3A-NURC joint trials of the SkyWAN Satcom TDMA system

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NC3A-NURC joint trials of the SkyWAN Satcom TDMA system. Olivier Gauvry; Marian Machalica; AndrĂ© Terrasse; Alessandro Berni; Michel Leonard; Diego Merani. SR-407. February 2005.

The report documents the trials conducted by NURC and NC3A in spring 2004. Trials were to assess the real time performance of a Satcom TDMA mechanism called SkyWAN in conjunction with end-to-end IP applications. That mechanism is currently used by NURC to support its operational communication links with its two NATO research vessels when at sea. In order not to disturb these operational links, NURC negotiated with Eutelsat additional Satcom bandwidth to support those experimental trials. The major points of interest reported in that note are the description of the NURC VSAT characteristics, the configuration architecture and setting related to the NURC-NC3A trials, the basic end to end performance and a preliminary conclusion on the use of the SkyWAN mechanism.