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pdf STO CMRE Annual Report 2023 Download (pdf, 8.21 MB)
pdf STO CMRE Annual Report 2022 Download (pdf, 10.74 MB)
pdf STO CMRE Annual Report 2021 Download (pdf, 7.83 MB)
pdf Environmental data collected on the CMRE LOON tested during the EUMR project: dataset description Download (pdf, 1.76 MB)
default Algorithms for automatic spatial-temporal search of favourable, marginal and unfavourable environmental conditions in support of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) activities Download
default High-frequency dynamics south-west of Svalbard Download
default Mission planning for autonomous anti-submarine warfare Download
pdf Airborne transmission risk: ventilation and filtration in occupied buildings during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic Download (pdf, 1.64 MB)
default UComms 2018 overview Download
default Adaptive sequential learning of time-varying structured random matrices Download
pdf Proceedings of the Maritime Situational Awareness Workshop 2019 Download
default Optimal stealth path planning in the maritime domain: the worst-case condition analysis when the vessel goes dark Download
default On reasoning with partially reliable and conflicting sources Download
default Structured expert elicitation to support the development of Maritime Situation Awareness capability Download
default High-resolution, multi-chromatic, multi-view and resonance synthetic aperture sonar imaging Download
default Towards cross-layer security for underwater acoustic networks Download
default Underwater glider surfacing risk mitigation, an implementation using experimental data Download
default Characterization and predictability of the Iceland-Faroe Front Download
default Outcomes and future research challenges of underwater glider technology from the Sixth Workshop on Military Applications of Underwater Glider Technology (6WMAUGT) Download
default Big data exploitation for active sonar contact-level classification Download