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default Modelling and analysis of high resolution low frequency synthetic aperture sonar data Download
default Adaptive multisensor-multitarget tracking with belief propagation Download
default Operational analysis for autonomous ASW Download
default Towards accurate glider underwater navigation and synchronization: first approach using ADCP during CTD casts Download
default Collaborative heterogeneous robotic networks for ASW in collaboration with PARC programme Download
default Underwater acoustic link adaptation based on regression trees Download
default Advances in DLCT for passive and active sonar Download
default Investigation of service based optimization architecture Download
default Real-time decision support during exercise Dynamic Mongoose 2017 Download
default Association of radar/SAR ship detections with AIS using the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process for route propagation: performance metrics and experimental results Download
default A framework for CASW network to integrate cooperative area exploration, track prosecution and communications optimization tasks Download
default Operational ocean prediction for risk analysis Download
default Extracting acoustic source level of shipping noise for dynamic ambient noise modelling Download
default Utility of autonomous vehicles for ASW missions Download
default An alternative derivation of the scattering matrix under Kirchhoff approximation in electromagnetics Download
default Final memorandum report on the sea tests and demonstration results for the CMRE docking station capability Download
default Study of passive sensing system on long-endurance - low-power platforms Download
default Coded modulation development for covert underwater acoustic communications Download
default NATO Coalition Warrior Interoperability exploration, experimentation, examination, exercise (CWIX) 2017: exercise plan for the NATO-CMRE-GliderC2 capability participation Download
default Multi-sensor extended target tracking Download