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default Performance of centralized and distributed tyracking for multistatic ASW scenarios Download
default FESTA User Guide ß-Version 1.0 Download
default Surface drift prediction in the Adriatic Sea using hyper-ensemble statistics on atmospheric, ocean and wave models: uncertainties and probability distribution areas Download
default MX3 Trial Report: Percentage Clearance Trials with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Download
default Calibration of cardioid beamforming algorithms Download
default Scattering from axially symmetric objects: theory, FEMLAB model implementation and results Download
default The Multi-Scale multi-model Super-Ensemble cocktail: break, shake and mix Download
default Multistatic active sonar system interoperability, data fusion, and measures of performance Download
default Multipath pulse shapes with refraction Download
default Modern minehunting techniques and the MCM EXPERT software Download
default Algorithms for Decision Aid for Risk Evaluation (DARE) version 2.1 Download
default Active detection performance sensitivity to target depth and aspect changes in a shallow water environment Download
default Espresso - Scientific User Guide Download
default Espresso(m) - User Guide Download
default Decision Aid for Risk Evaluation (DARE) Version 2.1 User Guide Download
default Proceedings of the NATO Workshop on Multistatic Operations Research Download
pdf Infrared detection of marine mammals Download (pdf, 1.72 MB)
default NATO Tactical Ocean Modelling System concept applicability Download
default Side scan sonar image segmentation through multi-resolution texture features: a case study over the Luce Bay site during Northern Light 2003 Download
default Near normal classification of the upper layer of the seabed Download