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default Multistatic sensor placement with the complementary use of Doppler sensitive and insensitive waveforms Download
default Manual of BORIS-SSA: Bottom Response from Inhomogeneities and Surface using the Small-Slope Approximation, version 1.0 Download
default Effects of the internal waves on the acoustic propagation Download
default Effects of source and receiver positional offsets in multistatic range determination Download
default Comparison between predictions made by the SUPREMO sonar performance model and measured data Download
default Probabilistic modelling of sidescan sonar texture using pairwise pixel interactions Download
default RADARSAT mapping of BORA winds in the Adriatic Sea Download
default Using a vertical line array and ambient noise to obtain measurements of seafloor reflection loss Download
default Seabed characterization by inversion of acoustic propagation and reverberation data received on a towed horizontal array Download
default Performance modelling and validation for distributed multistatic tracking Download
default NC3A-NURC joint trials of the SkyWAN Satcom TDMA system Download
default Experimental determination of seabed scattering law and environmental parameters from reverberation Download
pdf SACLANT Undersea Research Centre Research & Accomplishments: 1975-1989 Download (pdf, 6.61 MB)
pdf Twenty years of research at the SACLANT ASW Research Centre: 1959-1979 Download (pdf, 5.82 MB)