pdf Environmental data collected on the CMRE LOON tested during the EUMR project: dataset description


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Environmental data collected on the CMRE LOON tested during the EUMR project: dataset description. Petroccia, Roberto; Zappa, Giovanni; Cimino, Giampaolo; Grati, Alberto; Alves, João. CMRE-DA-2021-001. July 2021.

Today, there is a pressing need for a sustained, persistent, and affordable presence in the oceans that will help us to understand and monitor key issues such as climate change, pollution, shipping and security. Equally important is the development of systems and technologies that will allow us to explore and exploit the ocean in a sustainable manner. CMRE is participating in EUMarineRobots (EUMR), an EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project, that aims to change the EU marine robotics landscape by connecting isolated infrastructures and activities to allow movement toward a well-developed world-class network. One of the CMRE tasks in EUMR is offering access to the LOON test bed, thus allowing researchers to conduct innovative research in the domain of underwater acoustic communications, networking and interoperability. The LOON is a permanent test bed deployed in the gulf of La Spezia, Italy. It offers access to a wide range of acoustic and non-acoustic sensors enabling to measure phenomena of interest over a long time window (from hours to seasonal). This report provides a description of the LOON system and of the dataset collected during several days of EUMR TNA activities. This dataset can be used by the scientific community to study the dynamics and evolution of the measurements collected by the LOON, thus leading to a better understanding of the performance of underwater acoustic communications in the area.