default Collaborative autonomy for mine countermeasures


Collaborative autonomy for mine countermeasures. Dugelay, Samantha; Connors, Warren; Furfaro, Thomas C.; Baralli, Francesco. CMRE-FR-2016-007.  December 2016.

This report presents the research undertaken at the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) in the field of autonomy and robotics for mine countermeasures. The introduction explains the rationale of the research methods bringing together multiple heterogeneous vehicles for collaborative autonomy. Two main vehicles are employed at CMRE, the first being the Mine-hunting UUV for Shallow-water Covert Littoral Expeditions (MUSCLE), the second being a REMUS 100. Advanced autonomy concepts on-board the MUSCLE for wide-search area survey, detection and classification are presented from some of the basic adaptive behaviours to the future free-thinking vehicle exploration. The REMUS vehicle is employed as a target reacquisition platform and some initial results are given in chapter 3. Finally, the culmination of the research is presented in chapter 4 where a decoupled collaborative autonomy framework is described and supported by experimental results.