default Building NATO hybrid, cognitive and secure underwater networks


Building NATO hybrid, cognitive and secure underwater networks. Alves, João; Berni, Alessandro; Furfaro, Thomas C.; Merani, Diego; Munafò, Andrea; Pelekanakis, Konstantinos; Petroccia, Roberto; Zappa, Giovanni. CMRE-FR-2016-006. December 2016.

This document presents the work currently under development at Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) towards the implementation of a hybrid, cognitive and secure underwater networking capability. It sums up the different technical and scientific strands of work into a coherent and unifying capability that can enable advanced autonomous underwater solutions by delivering smart, adaptive and secure underwater networking. The authors motivate the need for building a backbone architecture from the ground up, putting the requirements in perspective with the state-of-the-art. The design of the architecture is then presented in detail. The adaptive solutions and protocols developed are also reported along with the results obtained so far from experimentation at sea. The security aspects of underwater communications and how those come into play within the proposed solution are also addressed. The implementation of known security techniques is discussed and prospect approaches are presented. The path towards underwater networking interoperability is also addressed, specifically by presenting recent work that promotes the usage of JANUS to deliver novel maritime capabilities. Another interoperability aspect reported is the connectivity of underwater networks into NATO C2 systems.