default Secure deployable communications setup for unattended sensors (Forward Eyes)


Secure deployable communications setup for unattended sensors (Forward Eyes). NURC-FR-2006-019. September 2006.

The execution of the NURC Scientific Programme of Work has demonstrated the value to operational commands of near real time environmental data in support of amphibious landings. The Forward Eyes covert system, composed of a meteo station, a wave-current meter and a surveillance camera, has been developed on the basis of that experience and tested during the Loyal Midas 05 Military Exercise. This report discusses the communications architecture developed by NURC for the Forward Eyes camera system, and provides all configuration data necessary to replicate it using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) devices. The IPSEC Virtual Private Network (VPN) concept presented in this document is applicable to mobile terminals and sensors that not only are connecting with dynamic (e.g. variable over time) IP addressing, but that are also “hidden” behind a gateway or firewall that performs network address translation or port address translation (NAT/PAT). This configuration applies therefore to a wide range of terminals with connectivity options that include dial-up, GPRS, or the Inmarsat Regional BGAN (RBGAN) service, to provide global communications coverage in support of operations conducted by NATO Expeditionary Forces.