default A NATO tool for prediction of waves and longshore currents in the surf zone


A NATO tool for prediction of waves and longshore currents in the surf zone. NURC-FR-2006-014. July 2006.

A proto-type modelling framework has been developed for NATO which may be used to perform surf predictions in support of amphibious or special operations. The model concept involves a hybrid approach in which a spatially complete 2-D wave growth and transformation model (SWAN) is paired with a simple 1-D surf model (NSSM). This approach permits the more general application of basic surf models to environments in which they are not strictly valid. The framework provides a user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) which assists the user not only in developing model input files, running the models and displaying the results but also performs rudimentary data processing steps to facilitate these activities. The results indicate that the system developed provides reasonable  predictions and that the hybrid modelling approach used can be also applied in some areas  where the 1-D beach paradigm is not apparently valid.