default TALON 13 demonstration report


TALON 13 demonstration report. Oddone, Manlio; Francis, Christopher S.; D'Amaro, Luigi; Fioravanti, Stefano; Grati, Alberto; Mannoni, Andrea; Bertagna, Davide; Zappa, Giovanni; Stipanov, Marin; Jourden, Nicolas. CMRE-FR-2015-003. February 2015.

This work looks at a prototype harbour protection system, "TALON", developed at the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) for the purpose of demonstrating a potential capability to defend units, facilities and infrastructure in ports and harbours, against asymmetric threats posed by small boats, swimmers and divers. Combining rapid contact designation and warning (i.e. comprising detection, tracking, inspection, friend/foe classification and alert) with delivery of proportional, non-lethal response, TALON is designed to safely and effectively warn off innocent contacts, and to establish proof of hostile intent in the event of an attack. Primary focus lay in demonstrating the concepts that a scalable number of sensor-effector clusters can be deployed during expeditionary missions to provide the above capabilities in a largely automated fashion, and increased robustness and effectiveness can be achieved through the implementation of interchangeable mobile C2 devices and by integrating data fusion capabilities. Concepts were successfully demonstrated to stakeholders at CMRE during "TALON 13" exercises, in which live vignettes were executed by members of the Italian Navy to simulate a variety of intrusion scenarios against the system.