default On distributed, network-based, long-base line navigation


On distributed, network-based, long-base line navigation. Munafò, Andrea. CMRE-FR-2015-012. September 2015.

This work describes a system for underwater acoustic navigation based on the addition of localisation services to networked acoustic communication. The approach is based on the inclusion of timing information within acoustic messages through which it is possible to know the time of an acoustic transmission in relation to its reception. The exploitation of such information at the network application level makes it possible to create an interrogation scheme similar to that of a long-baseline. The advantage is that the AUVs themselves become the transponders of a network baseline, and hence there is no need for dedicated instrumentation. Vehicle localisation becomes a service of the acoustic network, reducing the AUV need for additional onboard sensors. Navigation results are given from the COLLAB?NGAS14 and the DMON15 experimental campaigns where the navigation of two Autonomous Underwater Vehicles was supported by an acoustic network composed of up to six nodes. Results are reported as obtained in the field, with varying number of nodes and navigation systems on-board the vehicles.