default Radar sensor network - low observable target acquisition campaign


Radar sensor network - low observable target acquisition campaign.  Errasti, Borja ; Braca, Paolo CMRE-FR-2015-015. December 2015.

The availability of real radar data of low observable maritime targets is a key element in the performance assessment of the techniques and algorithms developed as part of CMRE's programme on Data Knowledge and Operational Effectiveness (DKOE). CMRE has performed an experiment based on the deployment of two cooperating RHIBs carrying GPS recorders and acquiring data with the Radar Sensor Network, a bistatic configurable radar system. The acquired data is valuable attending to two different aspects: First, the data can be used to analyse and compare the performance of the target detection and tracking algorithms. Second, it can be used for asset planning as information about detection probabilities and ranges can be extracted from the featured dataset. This report describes the performed operations and illustrates the acquired data. It is also intended as a user guide for the dataset.