default NATO Coalition Warrior Interoperability exploration, experimentation, examination, exercise (CWIX) 2016 exercise plan for EKOE and CASW capabilities


NATO Coalition Warrior Interoperability exploration, experimentation, examination, exercise (CWIX) 2016 exercise plan for EKOE and CASW capabilities. Vicen Bueno, Raul; Strode, Christopher; Oddone, Manlio; Berni, Alessandro; Cignoni, Alessandro; Merani, Diego; Cimino, Giampaolo; Cecchi, Daniele; Soto, José; Fiala, Michal. CMRE-FR-2016-002. May 2016.

This formal report contains the exercise plan prepared to participate in the NATO Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination, eXercise (CWIX) 2016. Two CMRE programmes participate in CWIX 2016: EKOE ? Environmental Knowledge and Operational Effectiveness and CASW ? Collaborative AntiSubmarine Warfare. CMRE brings two scientific capabilities to the NATO Exercise CWIX 2016, demonstrating scientific products that could turn into operational in the future: EKOE ?NATO-CMRE-GliderC2S@CWIX 2016? (Glider Command and Control System) and CASW ?NATOCMRE- RAPS@CWIX 2016? (Real-time ASW Prediction Service). Besides testing interoperability of the CMRE capabilities in CWIX 2016, CMRE has an important objective and challenge for this year. CMRE will be running a sea-trial in the Ligurian Sea deploying a fleet of underwater robots/gliders for up to 2 months May-June 2016, called LOGMEC16 (Long-Term Glider Missions for Environmental Characterization). The challenge for CMRE in 2016 is to provide environmental information acquired by underwater robots/gliders and their positions from the sea to command and control (C2), common operational picture (COP) and geospatial, meteorological and oceanographic (GEOMETOC) systems in a NATO coalition. Interoperability with these NATO and national systems will be done in realtime and at NS level. The CMRE Multistatic Tactical Planning Aid (MSTPA) will provide surface ships with real-time active and passive sonar performance predictions to coalition partners. The exercise plan first provides the document for internal approval. Second, it gives a background of the CWIX exercise to the readers, as well as the objectives and challenges set for this exercise participation, highlighting the collaboration with the LOGMEC16 sea-trial. Third, it provides an overview on the way to operate in CWIX, focusing on physical locations and partners. Fourth, it describes the preparation of the experiment, focusing on the plan of the tasks and the risk assessment. Fifth, it provides a comprehensive list of equipment requirements for each capability so that it can be executed at the required security level. Sixth, it describes the team required to participate, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team. Seventh, the contact information of the exercise lead and capability leads is reported for future contact and further information requests. Finally, a comprehensive description of each capability is provided in annexes.