Folder Formal Reports

Report of results of completed projects or major milestones either in scientific terms or in terms acceptable to a wider audience. Note: Unless linked to the full text, reports are only available to NATO member nations from designated distribution centres. 


Toggle Title Date Download
default MCM AUV autonomy: requirements, approach and system implementation Download
default MX 05 Trial Report: MCM with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles & the Standing NATO MCM Group 1 in Open Spirit 06 Download
default NATO Harbour Protection Trials 2006 (HPT06) Analyst Report: Harbour Surveillance Systems Download
default MX 04 Trial Report: Black Sea Port & Harbour Protection with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Download
default Analysis of model-based automatic target recognition using the statistical theory of shape Download
default Remote deployment of NURC Ground Station (2-16 November 2005) Download
default Stochastic nature of physical parameterizations in ensemble prediction: a stochastic convection parameterization Download
default SUPREMO v.2.0 User Guide Download
default Deployable network setup for Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Sation (RSSGS): architecture and performance considerations Download
default SUPREMO v.2.0 program description Download
default Benchmarking scattering from spheres and cylinders near the seafloor: A numerical comparitive study Download
default AUV Navigation Systems for MCM Operations Download
default Evaluation of Minehunting Concepts Based on AUVs Download
default Automatic Target Recognition in Synthetic Aperture Sonar Imagery using Template Deformation and Gaussian Processes Download
default A method for sea floor clutter suppression in side scan sonar images Download
default Characterization of local seabed properties using synthesized horizontal array data Download
default Advances in the multistatic tactical planning aid Download
default Simultaneous inversion of propagation and reverberation data Download
default Sea surface temperature sensitivity of an ocean-atmosphere coupled system to the parameterization of boundary layer clouds Download
default Performance of a distributed multistatic surveillance network during the DEMUS’04 sea trial Download