Folder Formal Reports

Report of results of completed projects or major milestones either in scientific terms or in terms acceptable to a wider audience. Note: Unless linked to the full text, reports are only available to NATO member nations from designated distribution centres. 


Toggle Title Date Download
default Users requirement document on next generation of EO ocean colour sensors Download
default Performance-based planning and evaluation for modern naval mine countermeasures systems Download
default ISAR processing for the CMRE radar sensor network data Download
default A comparison of measured and modelled acoustic signal excess during Noble Mariner 2012 Download
default Interim model comparisons with Artemis Download
default Decision support for counter-piracy operations: analysis of correlations between attacks and METOC conditions using machine learning techniques Download
default Impact of seabed geoacoustic gradients and roughness on acoustic transmission into the sediment Download
default Sensor data management to achieve information superiority in maritime situational awareness Download
default A report on the proof-of-concept experiment (LLOMEx13) to use conventional 532nm LiDARs to measure vertical oceanographic properties Download
default Real-time continuous active sonar processing Download
default Propagation and bistatic reverberation with convergence in a range-dependent environment: implementation in Artemis Download
default Autonomous frameworks for implementation of REMUS autonomy at CMRE Download
default Addition of localisation services to acoustic communication for enhanced navigation of AUVs in multi-static anti-submarine scenarios Download
default Knowledge-based tracking for HF surface wave radars Download
default Real time ASW decision support during exercise Dynamic Mongoose 2014 Download
default A network of low-power high-frequency surface-wave radars for maritime surveillance in the German Bight Download
default A review of the state of the art of Brillouin scattering LIDARs to determine vertical ocean profiles of sound speed and temperature Download
default A non-myopic, receding horizon control strategy for an AUV to track underwater target in bistatic sonar scenarios: proposed approach and experimental results from COLLAB13 Download
default Raw data processing of downwelling irradiance and fluorescence from Bio-Argo floats to retrieve chlorophyll a and diffuse attenuation coefficient (Kd) profiles Download
default Optimal search algorithms for autonomous underwater vehicles equipped with synthetic aperture sonars Download