Folder Formal Reports

Report of results of completed projects or major milestones either in scientific terms or in terms acceptable to a wider audience. Note: Unless linked to the full text, reports are only available to NATO member nations from designated distribution centres. 


Toggle Title Date Download
default Developing a link between MSTPA and MATLAB to allow for reactive platform behaviours Download
default Web service interoperability in a network-enabled environment Download
default Robust passive acoustic detection and classification of Cuvier's beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris) Download
default Information interoperability: lessons learned on interoperability standards in fusion and tracking Download
pdf GLider Acoustics Sensing of Sediments (GLASS): experiments and data analysis Download (pdf, 1.40 MB)
default The NEREIDS project for enhancing maritime surveillance with space-based observations Download
default Planning and evaluation tools for modern minehunting systems: current state and future research Download
default Evaluation of AUV target detection, classification and tracking performance 2011-2013: part II - daily tracking results Download
default Software-defined open architecture modem development at CMRE Download
default A large-scale analysis of MCM detection performance for surrogate targets in SAS imagery Download
default An analysis of co-operative ASW metrics and performance Download
default Exploiting environmental information for improved underwater target classification Download
default Evaluation of AUV target detection, classification and tracking performance 2011-2013: part I - summary of trial results Download
default The multi-sensor probability hypothesis density: a paradigm for data fusion and target tracking in large sensor networks Download
default ARTEMIS revisited Download
default Application of the compressed sensing theory to ocean field reconstruction Download
default Unmanned systems, autonomy, and side-looking sonar: a framework for integrating contemporary systems into the operational MCM architecture Download
default Environmentally sensitive behaviours for collaborating autonomous underwater vehicles in multistatic surveillance networks Download
default Sampling on-demand with fleets of underwater gliders Download
default Impact of underwater glider fleet data assimilation on temperature predictions in the Ligurian Sea Download