Folder Memorandum Reports

Report that covers interim results during the course of a project. Note: Unless linked to the full text, reports are only available to NATO member nations from designated distribution centres.


Toggle Title Date Download
default Algorithms for automatic spatial-temporal search of favourable, marginal and unfavourable environmental conditions in support of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) activities Download
default High-frequency dynamics south-west of Svalbard Download
default UComms 2018 overview Download
default Structured expert elicitation to support the development of Maritime Situation Awareness capability Download
default High-resolution, multi-chromatic, multi-view and resonance synthetic aperture sonar imaging Download
default Underwater glider surfacing risk mitigation, an implementation using experimental data Download
default Characterization and predictability of the Iceland-Faroe Front Download
default Outcomes and future research challenges of underwater glider technology from the Sixth Workshop on Military Applications of Underwater Glider Technology (6WMAUGT) Download
default Utility of unmanned ASW considering multistatic detection and reactive targets Download
default Testing the Wirewalker profiling system for high-frequency underwater dynamics characterization Download
default Deep learning versus expert reasoning under uncertainty Download
default The CMRE docking station capability Download
default Sensors to increase the security of underwater communication cables: a review of underwater monitoring sensors Download
default Cognitive sonar for MUS for ASW Download
default Results of environmentally-conditioned network node range estimation algorithm integration tests in CASW project 1 experimental campaign Download
default Coupled ocean-acoustic structures and covariances for improved acoustic prediction: exploiting the synergies between physical and acoustic observing networks Download
default Decision support for anti-submarine warfare within range dependent environments Download
default Data assimilation improvements for acoustic propagation prediction and underwater noise forecast Download
default ASW optimization using the Rapid Acoustic Prediction Service (RAPS) Download
default Maritime ISR environmental characterization challenges in the GIUK gap and Barents Sea Opening Download