default NATO Harbour Protection Table-Top Exercise (HPT2E) : final report


NATO Harbour Protection Table-Top Exercise (HPT2E) : final report. Kessel, Ronald T. CMRE-MR-2013-004. February 2013.

The NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE, formerly NURC) hosted the Harbour Protection Table-Top Exercise (HPT2E), 20-23 March 2012, La Spezia, ITA. The exercise was sponsored by the NATO Defence Against Terrorism Programme of Work, item 2, Harbour Protection. The purpose of HPT2E was to use red-on-blue serious gaming to:

- Exercise emerging technologies for maritime force protection countering small boat and underwater intruder threats in ports and harbours;

- Demonstrate the non-lethal capabilities envisioned for integrated surveillance and response using emerging technologies;

- Assess the vulnerability reduction afforded by analysis of red-on-blue engagements;

- Demonstrate the role that gaming can play in capability development in counter terrorism.

The scenarios included:

- Training (Day 1) - counter IED, small boat, and underwater intruder;

- Force Protection (Day 2) - protection of frigate exiting port under time of high alert;

- Energy Security (Day 3) - protection of LNG offloading facilities in port during time of high treat;

The exercise featured scenarios elements and technologies encountered in several NATO DAT PoW items: Harbour Protection, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Non-Lethal Capabilities and Energy Security. This report describes the context, purpose, participants, outcomes, scenarios and the virtual environment used in the exercise (CMRE OpenSea Maritime Tactical Theatre Simulator). Recommendations regarding the use of serious gaming elsewhere in the NATO DAT PoW are made.