default A Matlab package for mission generation of a fleet of gliders. Version 1.0


A Matlab package for mission generation of a fleet of gliders. Version 1.0. Alvarez, A.; Martinez, M. NURC-SP-2011-003. November 2011

The advent of new ocean observing technologies creates new scientific demands. Integrating oceanographic information and harmonizing different observational capabilities are among them. The latter concerns allocating and complementing observational resources to maximize the information content of the oceanographic data collected by a network of different oceanographic platforms. Compatibility between the observing capabilities of the different nodes must be found designing optimum sampling strategies to allow an accurate representation of oceanographic process. These sampling strategies could adapt to the evolution of the environment, considering possible motion limitations of part of the platforms in the network. This report describes a software developed to increase the optimality of sampling missions of a network of underwater gliders that may differ in control and motion capabilities. The procedure employs a statistical model of the spatial variability in the area of interest, extracted from a numerical model. The statistical model is then employed to compute sampling designs minimizing the spatial average variance of the estimated field with respect to the sampled locations. Simulated Annealing is employed as the minimization procedure to find the optimal trajectories of the autonomous platforms. The resulting optimum sampling design incorporates existing operational constraints and platform limitations