default The Multistatic Tactical Planning Aid (MSTPA) - User Guide.


The Multistatic Tactical Planning Aid (MSTPA) - User Guide. Strode, C.; Oddone, M. NURC-SP-2011-002. August 2011

This overview is designed to introduce the user to the major functionality of the Multistatic Tactical Planning Aid in order to facilitate its use within both the scienti c and operational maritime communities. The guide begins with installation instructions followed by a description of the major components of the input le format. This includes the environmental and propagation model details together with sensor and platform motion components. Example output le format is then described together with Matlab code to facilitate more detailed plotting and analysis functionality. The optimisation mode of the tool is introduced and described by means of simple example scenarios. Finally, the batch processing mode is described such that the core acoustic and contact generation modules may be used to generate results while suppressing any graphical output. This may be used to incorporate MSTPA into existing simulation frameworks.