default Preliminary Plan Battlespace Preparation Experiment


Preliminary Plan Battlespace Preparation Experiment. Varley, P.; Hammond, N.; Ranelli, P.; Schmidt, R.; Besiktepe, S.; Rixen, M.; Trees, C.; Grasso, R. NURC-SP-2008-002. June 2008.

This document is a Preliminary Trial Plan for a candidate Battlespace Preparation Experiment (BPE) to be conducted during 2009 during a to-bedetermined exercise. The Recognized Environmental Picture (REP) is a developing NATO Bi-SC concept that has a principal goal of providing integrated and timely geographic, meteorological and oceanographic (GEOMETOC) support to NATO operations. This is a necessary capability for providing Information Superiority in denied or unknown areas. The aim of the BPE is: “To demonstrate the ability, using organic assets of operational units, to produce and exploit at the tactical level, and in an operational context, a timely, highly resolved 4-D picture of geospatial, oceanographic and meteorological conditions in the Battlespace.” The proposed experiment addresses one of the two key elements in providing the REP; viz. the collection, assimilation and forecasting of GEOMETOC conditions. The other key element is the infrastructure to distribute the REP to the operational user. The BPE will address assimilation of locally recorded data in order to ‘improve’ the usefulness of the Local REP (LREP) to support tactical decisions in the period out to 24 hours ahead. It is proposed that the BPE should be a Hypothesis Testing Experiment. Three hypotheses have been proposed for testing within the context of an operation exercise. These hypotheses state: (*) If real-time in-theatre METOC data is assimilated into the delivered LREP then there will be a positive effect on the exercise 4-D METOC picture. (*) If the 4-D METOC picture is enhanced then TDA output will improve. (*) If the 4-D METOC picture is enhanced and the TDA output is improved then operational decision-making will improve.