pdf The Ninth International Conference on Information Fusion (Fusion 2006) Final Conference Report


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The Ninth International Conference on Information Fusion (Fusion 2006) Final Conference Report. Coraluppi, S. ; Baldacci, A. ; Carthel, C. ; Willett, P. ; Lynch, R. ; Marano, S. ; Farina, A. NURC-SP-2006-005. October 2006.

The 9th International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION 2006) was held on 10-13 July 2006 in Florence, Italy. The FUSION conference series serves as the annual gathering and is the flagship event of the International Society of Information Fusion.  The International Society of Information Fusion is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge, theory and applications of information fusion.  Through its website, conferences, publications and member services, it is its goal to encourage the exchange of information among information fusion professionals worldwide.  This document is the final conference report that, along with the transfer of conference funds to ISIF and IEEE, represents the main deliverable from the FUSION 2006 organizing committee.  It includes an overview of the conference planning process, a discussion of key policy decisions, a complete listing of the conference program, committee members, special session organizers, session chairs, and conference attendees, a description of the related social events, the final budget, lessons learned, and recommendations to the ISIF Board of Directors.  NURC provided high-visibility contributions to FUSION 2006: the General Co-chair, Technical Chair, Local Arrangements and Finance Chair, several members of the Technical Program Committee, numerous paper contributions, financial sponsorship, and publication of the CD-ROM proceeding.