default Harbour Protection Table-Top Exercise HPT2E: Contextual read ahead


Harbour Protection Table-Top Exercise HPT2E: Contextual read ahead. Kessel, R. ; Gwatkin, N. NURC-SP-2012-001. April 2012

This document is a read-ahead provided to participants in the Harbour Protection Table-Top Exercise (HPT2E) outlining its context, aims, and methodology. The exercise is carried out entirely within a virtual domain, using the NURC OpenSea Maritime Tactical Theatre Simulator for serious gaming. The HPT2E exercise progresses from hands-on simulation-enabled instruction about the capabilities and use of emerging technologies for maritime force protection, to increasingly realistic free-play in red-on-blue (attacker versus defender) gaming for maritime force protection. In this way integrated surveillance-plusresponse will be exercised for force escalation in security exclusion zones in ports, in order to assess and develop concepts of technology use for countering small boat and underwater intruders. As with serious gaming generally, increasing realism begins to cross the boundary between exercise and operations. Some actions forbidden for safety during real exercises, but deemed necessary in real engagements, can be performed end-to-end, under realistic constraints of time, distance, speed, performance, and within a rich context of potential outcomes and collateral risks, within the virtual domain.