Length overall = 93 metres
Gross tonnage = 3,180 tonnes
Moulded beam = 15.20 metres
Sustained sea speed (Clean Hull) = 16.3 knots
Draught, full load = 5.2 metres
Effective range at 11.5 knots = 7200 nm
Displacement, loaded = 2,920 tonnes
Endurance port to port = 26 days
Fuel consumption = approx. 8 tons per 24 hours of economical steaming at 12 knots. 5 tons per 24 hours of low speed scientific operations.

The vessel is comprehensively equipped with a suite of deck handling ‘A’ frames, multi-purpose winches, cranes and workboats as well as with extensive laboratory and working deck space.


High speed digital data exchange is available. There are two independent systems for ship communications and for scientific trials but with some overlap.
The ship systems, which comply with SOLAS and GMDSS rules, includes Inmarsat A, B and C systems, is under the control of the Electronics Officer.
The scientific systems provided for the trials team includes facilities for:

  • communication during experiments, including extensive telemetry facilities, plus voice communication in the HF, VHF and UHF bands;
  • communication with the Centre and partners in respect of support activities and data transfer, including voice, teletype, telemetry, E-mail, fax, and HSD link are via Inmarsat B, Globalstar and Celnet phones.

Internet is on-line on the ship via an integrated pont to point V-Sat system.