Leonardo side view Leonardo at Pianosa Island, July 2008
Leonardo winch 400


Ship Description:

CRV LEONARDO has been designed to provide a stable yet flexible sea-going scientific platform suitable for operations is shallow waters. The 29 meters long ship is well equipped for a variety of scientific and deck equipment to provide complementary capability to NRV ALLIANCE.

Owned by NATO nation, the ship has a very silent propulsion system at low speed and enjoys the benefit of a diesel electric azimuth thruster drive and a bow thruster completely controlled by a fully automated dynamic positioning system and power management system. This makes LEONARDO a very maneuverable ship for littoral and close to shore operations. Equipped with an internal moon pool, the ship can be fitted with a variety of sensors and scientific devices to perform experiments

Manned by a crew of 9 Italian navy personnel, the ship can accommodate up to 11 scientists and engineers in day activity and 3 scientists onboard for extended night activities.

With its High Precision Positioning system (HiPAP 500), its DP capability and deck fitted cranes and stern U-frame makes LEONARDO an ideal platform for launch and recovery of ROVs, unmanned underwater vehicles and many other payloads.

LEONARDO can accommodate a 20 foot lab container that nearly doubles the laboratory space onboard

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Scientific Trial Planning Template



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