ITANavalAcademy 400

The long-standing collaboration between the two establishments leads to a series of lectures on cutting-edge scientific innovation in the field of antisubmarine warfare.

 On 10 April 2013, a group of student officers from the Italian Naval Academy in Livorno visited the Italian Navy San Bartolomeo military compound where the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) is located. The focus of the visit was to deepen practical knowledge in the most recent cutting-edge scientific innovations in the maritime domain. 

Undergraduate students in the Maritime and Naval Sciences degree course, attending the Naval Academy's technical lectures on anti-submarine warfare and torpedoes (Abilitazione AST) and the graduate officers attending the Naval Academy's specialization course on submarines (SMG), met scientists from CMRE and visited the research centre's engineering laboratories. The agenda focused on advanced projects in Autonomous Naval Mine Countermeasures, Environmental Knowledge and Operational Effectiveness, and Maritime Security and Harbour Protection.

The group, led by two teaching officers, also visited the Naval Support and Experimentation Centre (CSSN) of the Italian Navy, which hosts CMRE in the same military compound, to meet their experts on battle systems for anti-submarine warfare (2° Reparto Sistema di Combattimento - 5a Divisione "Lotta sotto la Superficie").

The initiative is part of a broader educational project built on the successful long-time collaboration between CMRE and Italian Naval Academy in Livorno. This year's edition will also include a set of lectures at the Naval Academy on: operations research (asset path planning, decision support, sonar performance modelling), the use of underwater robotic vehicles in anti-submarine warfare, the CMRE multi-static tactical planning aid software and communications and networks in the maritime environment.

 "Working with the Naval Academy is extremely useful and inspiring" - says Robert Been, CMRE scientist in charge for the initiative – "This collaboration represents an opportunity for the CMRE scientists to interact with the young professionals who will be the ones operating with ASW technologies in the future".  

Download the here the pdf press release   about the visit.