Scheme of the ERL Grand Challenge scenario

The 2017 ERL Emergency Robots competition will be hosted in Piombino, Tuscany (Italy) on 15-23 September.

Less than 100 minutes, a race against the clock to survey the scene of a simulated disaster, collect environmental data, and identify critical hazards, find and help missing workers. This is a challenge that only ground, marine and aerial robots can tackle effectively by working together. And this is the challenge proposed by the international robotics competition which returns again this summer to Piombino (Italy) as part of the major tournament of the European Robotics League – Emergency Robots challenge. The ERL Emergency 2017 event will be locally organised on 15-23 September, near the Enel-owned thermal power plant at Torre del Sale, by the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), based in La Spezia (Italy), which masterminded the euRathlon project’s final competition in 2015 in the same venue.

“We are glad to come back to Piombino in a location that has already proven to be perfectly suitable to host this kind of competition, inspired by the 2011 Fukushima accident”, says Gabriele Ferri, Technical Director. “Once again the town will be the international capital of robotics for a few days. And we hope to repeat the success obtained two years ago”. “I welcome this event in Piombino with great satisfaction. ERL combines scientific innovation on cutting-edge robotics with the opportunity to attract in Piombino lots of talent coming from different countries”, adds Massimo Giuliani, the Mayor. “Our experience with euRathlon in 2015 was very positive. In 10 days more than 200 people from staff to participants arrived and impacted positively on our economy. The audience’s response was also great with 1200 visitors in 9 days. We hope that this will be the case again this year”.

ERL Emergency Robots is a civilian, outdoor robotics competition with a focus on realistic, multi-domain emergency response scenarios. For 9 days international teams of university students and industry experts will test their robots’ abilities to tackle more and more complex real-world situations in front of an international jury. For the first time robots will be also required to release autonomously emergency kits to simulate missing workers.

Innovative solutions and remarkable levels of autonomy will be rewarded.

The European Robotics League is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research, under the RockEU2 project grant agreement n.688441. The consortium, led by the European Association euRobotics (partnering with the European Commission through the SPARC programme), also organises the ERL Industrial Robots and the ERL Service Robots competitions, focused on manipulation, handling, autonomy and human-robot cooperation. The European Robotics League aims to provide a platform for challenging, developing and showcasing robotics technologies, bridging the gap between industry, research and public.

ERL Emergency 2017 is organised under the patronage of Provincia di Livorno and Regione Toscana

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