Slocum underwater glider

The CMRE is proud to announce a new edition of the 5th Workshop on Military Applications of the Underwater Glider Technology (WMAUGT) that will be held on 13-15 November 2018 in the own Centre facilities at La Spezia, Italy.   

The underwater glider is increasingly recognized as a valuable platform for maritime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance due to its long endurance, stealth, and the diversity of payloads it can include. Further developments in telecommunications and networking are increasing its capabilities in any type of mission. CMRE started its research on underwater gliders in 2008. The first WMAUGT was held on October 2013.

The main objective of this workshop series is to provide an opportunity for the personnel from scientific, academic, industrial and military communities to present and discuss the state-of-art developments in underwater glider technology, as well as the relevant military and civilian applications it offers and could offer in the future.

Some topics, amongst others, addressed at this workshop are:

  • Novel payloads and capabilities for underwater gliders
  • Passive acoustic capabilities 
  • Maritime environmental characterization
  • Underwater glider networks
  • Integration of glider fleets in naval operations
  • Sustained monitoring and surveillance of marine regions
  • Exploitation in Maritime Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (MISR) activities 

For more information, please visit the Workshop website.